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   Quality in Universal Kitchen is mainstay at work and one of the elements of competitive advantage in addition to that it means a strategy to achieve the company's goals and mission which it believes is seeking to achieve , so the company pays quality most attention day after day in order to reach the highest levels of confidence in their products , and here the Company is dealing with this matter in all its dimensions and harness all that is needed in order to be a leader in this field , where the company has adopted an integrated system of quality starts from the marketing department at showroom and includes the sales department - design department as well as the Department of follow-up and coordination through the procurement and raw materials Department -  the production department - the inspection and testing process- then the process of installation and delivery down to the maintenance department and after-sales services

  The company gives great importance to the procurement department , especially raw materials , where they are dealing with major international companies and an industry leader in timber and accessories from several European countries and foreign countries (such as Germany - Italy - Spain - Greece - Portugal - America - China ) , and an increase in diligence and emphasis matching the raw material quality specifications approved the company sending specialists staff to visit these companies to do check at the materials and coordination with the concerned to ensure there are matching specifications .

  On the other hand , the company has worked to keep pace with technological development through the ownership the newer machines in production lines run by staff trained and qualified and to monitor and follow-up of engineers and supervisors technicians have the experience and highly skilled in the field of ​​the timber industry , where product control and inspection at all stages and manufacturing processes through strict procedures for starting inspect and examine the raw materials upon receipt and make sure they conform to the quality specifications by using the latest test equipment and measurement and then examine the materials through the production line and a quality check, and is characterized by the company to allocate section for sanding the products , processed then entered the paint department, and there are tests that ensure the accuracy of work and matching product standards and specifications internationally approved where they are using the finest paints the world and the latest technology to ensure that out of the product in the form that meets the client's desire and then be sure of the quality of products in assembly department, packaging , where is the use of modern methods to ensure product safety and protect them from scratching and shock when stored and loaded , Finally, is the process of checking the quality of the installation of the products and make sure they conform to the specifications required and the extent of its commitment to designs by supervisors trained and qualified .

   For the sake of the company's access to the highest levels of excellence and innovation in quality , it has got the ISO ( 9001: 2008) in the management of the quality system in 2007 , and has implemented a number of international systems in the field of quality management system such as continuous improvement - kaizen (KAIZEN) and system follow the order and cleanliness 5.S, and participated in a number of courses and conferences held by the competent authorities in the field of quality
   The company continues to carry on the task of continuous development and improvement in the quality of their products to meet and satisfy the international requirements as well as the customers' demands in the fast developing industry 

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